HELIWELDERS has full in-house capabilities to carry out Composite repairs, including Flight Critical, and Non-Flight Critical repairs.

EC120, AS350/H125, AS355, EC130/H130, H135, H145



Common repairs are carried out on the following parts:

  • Canopies
  • Doors
  • Cowlings
  • Floor Panels
  • Miscellaneous Panels

In addition to in-house repairs, Heliwelders offers field service to conduct repairs in our customers’ facilities.

Once our technicians determine the repair can in fact be carried out in the field, we are ready to be dispatched with tooling and materials on a moment’s notice.

Composite Repair Process:

  • Inspect and assess damage.
  • Remove all damaged material.
  • Treat all contaminated material.
  • Preparation of repair area.
  • Carry out Composite repair by replacing damaged material.
  • Thoroughly inspect repair for certification, including delamination, inclusions, proper cure, etc.
  • Restore surface finish.